About 15 Chickens

The 15 chickens range of children’s clothing was started in 2015, in response to my children encouraging me to sew for others, after years of sewing for my children and for my grandchildren.

The garments are made out of carefully chosen 100% cotton fabrics. These fabrics are sourced, by myself and my family, from all over the world, but primarily from the United States, the United Kingdom, UAE and South Africa.

Great care is taken, and attention given to detail, with each garment. Each of the garments is one of a kind, exclusive, individual and unique.

The little garments have been shown and sold to groups of friends and family, at markets and by word of mouth.

If a particular garment is desired in a different size or fabric, it is sometimes possible depending on the fabric available, and understanding that everything is hand made one at a time. The fabric availability adds to each product’s uniqueness, as 15 chickens is not a manufacturing line producing many of the same garments in a full size range. We are happy to discuss specific needs that you may have. Please email us with your ideas and queries.

Cotton is ideal for children’s clothing as it is a durable fabric which continually wears and washes well. It is thought to have been grown and used since Egyptian times. It is also a hypoallergenic fabric, making it the best option for all children, but especially those with sensitive skin.

Cotton is a natural fibre and a renewable resource. It is also biodegradable. Cotton is comfortable, static free, protects against heat in the summer and provides warmth in cooler temperatures. The fibres in cotton clothing hold the fabric away from the skin, allowing for air to be trapped between the skin and the fabric, resulting in comfort and insulation.

Cotton is considered the best fabric for happy, comfortable and busy little ones.